Blue Cruises

Imagine you are staying in a boutique hotel, but this one is moving from one lovely town to a paradise bay, from there to a blue flag sandy beach, from there to near-by of an ancient site and you are always on the sea but never too far from the land and people. Blue cruises are exceptional holiday activities in the world peculiar to the South-Western cost of Turkey especially, and completely a different adventure when compared to the cruises with big ships which can never reach to these narrow bays. Besides, blue cruises are performed by relaxed short-distance sailings and they offer a perfect natural atmosphere, more personal touch, keep you away from exhausting city life, but do not totally isolate you from the real world of simple people

Blue cruise boat reservations are basically classified in 2 categories.

1) Cabin Charter Boat Cruises

In this option you are reserving one ore more cabins in a regular cruise already scheduled in specific route, destination and between specific date period. The other cabins are naturally sold to other participants who may be interested for the same cruise by boat operators or partner travel agencies.

2) Private Charter Boat Cruises

In this option the boats are reserved privately by individuals, small or big groups. Thus, no other participants will join this cruise other then determined by the people who reserves the boat. The clients will have the flexibility about the cruise period and route, as long as it is applicable in practice.

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